These are courses that have been approved by the National Council for higher education (NCHE), they are recognized by the industry / sector and lead to an award. Students are required to attend a minimum number of hours of training, they are examined and results released after going through the different verification processes of the college.

Diploma in Insurance (DIU)

  • Regular Price: UGX 500,000 per paper ( Exclusive of registration and membership fees).
To attain a DIU award, he/she must enroll, study & complete a total of nine (9) course units/papers which include… Learn More

Certificate of Proficiency (COP) Short Module

  • Regular Price: UGX 400,000 Per paper (Exclusive of registration and membership fees).
The Certificate of Proficiency, COP is the foundational course in insurance introducing the basic principles. A Subset of the Certificate… Learn More