Application Requirements


To start this application process, make sure you have an email address that will be used in the e-Learning system for both your online lectures and the online exams where applicable.

 Required attachments

  • Academic documents i.e. “O’’ level results slip for those applying for the Certificate programmes (COP & CIU) and “A” level results slip for those applying for the Diploma programmes (DIU & ADIU).
  • Identity Card with names similar to those on your academic documents
  • Recent and clear passport photo which will be uploaded into the system and will be used on all official documents that will be issued by the College i.e. Transcript


Exams for students admitted on the Certificate of Proficiency (COP) programme may be conducted through an online platform. For the online exams, students shall be required to have a laptop computer or PC with a functioning camera & microphone & a reliable internet connection. Carefully read the Online Exam Rules & Regulations.

Application Procedure

  • Click to apply online
  • Read the information displayed and click on ‘Start Application’
  • Fill out all the required information and attach any documents that will be required
  • Click submit
  • The Admissions office will confirm receipt of your application within 24 hours and send a message to your email notifying you of the outcome.