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Graduation Requirements

(a) Graduation Eligibility

To be eligible for graduation, a student must successfully complete and pass exams in the required course units of a programme as indicated in the curriculum.

(b) Graduation clearance

Graduands are required to clear with the Membership, Finance & Academic Registrars’ departments before they can be issued a Certificate and Results Slip.

(c) Graduation fees

Graduation fees are Ugx. 120,000 which includes the cost for graduation, Certificate, Results slip and a sash. These fees are subject to change by the College.

(d) Graduation attire

The College provides graduands with a sash to dress over their graduation gowns. Graduands are required to hire or purchase gowns from only approved gown suppliers of the College.

(e) Graduation date

The College holds a graduation ceremony once every year.

Number of graduates to date

Programme 2015 No. of graduates 2016 No. of graduates 2017 No. of graduates 2018 No. of graduates 2019 No. of graduates 2021 No. of graduates
Diploma in Insurance 18 49 33
Certificate in Insurance 59 45 34 24 96
Certificate of Proficiency 224 442 493 857 932 866
Total 224 501 538 909 1005 995