How does one apply to Study at The Insurance Institute of Uganda (IIU)?


Step 1: Pick an application form from the Institute or print out one from the website on

Step 2: Fill out the form, clearly following the instructions as required.

Step 3: Return the filled form to the Institute but also carry your original academic   documents along for verification by an Institute’s officer.

Step 4: Ask at the Institute’s front desk when you will pick your admission letter.

Step 5:  When you return to pick your admission letter make sure you pick a course payment slip from the accounts office for invoicing & clearance.

Step 6: Ask for a teaching timetable and then begin attending classes. I Withdraw my application to Study after I ha

Can I Withdraw my application to study after I have been admitted?

Who can study at IIU?


Yes, but this must be done in formal writing through the Head of Examinations within two (2) weeks from the start of class if you must be refunded a percentage of your tuition.

  1.  Anyone wishing to have a career in insurance.
  2. Anyone with a sciences or arts background
  3. Those with long term ambitions of assuming managerial responsibilities in the insurance industry.
  4. Those wishing to develop their knowledge & understanding of insurance business.

How many course Units does one need to do to complete a programme?

Entry Requirements

1.      Certificate of Proficiency (COP) 2 courses

2.      Certificate in Insurance   (CIU) 5 courses

3.      Diploma in Insurance (DIU) 9 courses.


Admissions take place twice a year for each of the programmes.

·         January & July - Certificate of Proficiency & Certificate in Insurance.

·         April & September - Diploma in Insurance. Each period of study takes approximately.


1.Certificate of Proficiency & Certificate in Insurance - O level (UCE) certificate with a minimum of three passes

2.Diploma in Insurance – A level (UACE) certificate with at least one principle  pass OR a Certificate in Insurance from       a professional insurance institute OR any other qualifications e.g. degree, diploma or  a professional course that will be assessed   by IIU.

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