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General Objectives

The general objective of the Diploma in Insurance program is to produce graduates who are technically and practically competent in building careers in the insurance industry. The program will provide a good understanding of the practical knowledge and skills needed to carry out activities in the insurance industry.

Specific Course Objectives

The specific objectives are as follows:

  1. To produce graduates, who are technically and practically competent in the area of insurance management
  2. To provide students with a good understanding of theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to carry out the insurance operations such as marketing, brokerage, claims management, customer care, and reinsurance, among others.

To provide the students with the history of Insurance in Uganda, structure of insurance market in Uganda and nature of the statutory provisions relating to the supervision of insurance in Uganda and the legal principles of insurance and their application in insurance practices, nature and magnitude of risk and, risk management principles.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, the graduate shall be able:

i)   To underwrite the various insurance policies in the industry.

ii) To market the insurance services in a more professional way.

iii) To manage the claims function of the insurance company.

iv)To be able to reinsure with insurance markets.


The Diploma in Insurance is appropriate for:

i)        Insurance technicians and those who aspire to be technicians.

ii)      Supervisors, team leaders and those with long-term ambitions of assuming managerial responsibilities.

iii)    Anyone wishing to hold a recognized, respected insurance qualification.

 iv)  Insurance staff employed in support functions wishing to develop their knowledge of the insurance business.

v) Those wanting to develop their knowledge and understanding as part of a progression towards completion of the Advanced Diploma in Insurance and Chartered status.



The general regulations of Insurance Training College of Uganda shall govern studies and examinations for the Diploma in Insurance.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the diploma, the following shall apply:

i)        Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (A’ Level) OR


ii)      Possession of a Certificate in Insurance from a professional insurance institute/ College.  OR


iii)    Any other qualifications e.g. Degree, Diploma, Professional that will be assessed by the College for admission.

Selection of courses

The aspirants will have the opportunity to choose and select course units from across the Diploma qualifications framework. This modular structure will enable students to select course units of study according to their preferences and career requirements.

To be awarded a diploma, a student must have completed nine-course units as follows;

1.      Three (3) Compulsory (mandatory) course units

2.      Three (3) Core Insurance course units

3.      One (1) Complementary course unit

4.      Two (2) course units in the area of specialization of your choice.

 Structure of the Programme




Compulsory (Mandatory) Courses

DIU 101

Insurance Law

DIU 102

Insurance business and finance

DIU 103

Insurance ethics


Core Insurance courses (Choose any three)

DIU 201

Insurance underwriting

DIU 202

Insurance broking practice and management

DIU 203

Reinsurance management

DIU 204

Marketing insurance products and services

DIU 205

Risk Management

DIU 206

Either: Claims management Or: Medical claims Management***


Complementary Courses (Choose any one)

DIU 301

Customer Care in Insurance

DIU 302

Human Resource Management

DIU 303

Basic Mathematics & Statistics

DIU 304

Financial and Management accounting


Specialization (Choose any two)


Life Insurance

DIU 401

Pension &retirement benefits

DIU 402

Life and Disability underwriting

DIU 403

Actuarial methods


General Insurance

DIU 501

Liability insurance

DIU 502

Property Insurance

DIU 503

Oil and gas insurance

DIU 504

Takaful Insurance

DIU 505

Agricultural insurance

DIU 506


DIU 507

Motor Insurance underwriting

DIU 508

Marine and aviation insurance


Health Insurance

DIU 601

Underwriting Health Insurance products

DIU 602

Managed care and financing

DIU 603

Public health***


Loss Adjusting

DIU 701

Essentials of loss adjusting

DIU 702

Actuarial methods

DIU 703

Practical issues in claims management


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