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The Insurance Institute of Uganda (IIU) in partnership with The School of Pension and Retirement Studies (SPRS) conducted the international pension training program at the institute head office in Kampala.

Participants of the International Pension Training Program.                                                              .

The three-day training according to IIU Head of Training and Research, Jonan Kisakye aimed at equipping and empowering, management and sta­ff of institutions with knowledge on how to run and manage pension schemes e­ffectively.

“IIU training programmes are targeted towards enhancing professionalism in Uganda’s insurance industry,” said Kisakye,

“Building a professional insurance industry doesn’t work in isolation but should bridge all the gaps such as those in pensions training”. 

The training covered among others Introduction to Retirement Benefit Schemes (RBS), Overview of the laws on RBS, Governance of RBS and Management and measurement of service delivery in schemes. 


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