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Isaac Musinguzi - Head of Research                       .


Research Unit

The research unit at the Insurance Training College in an effort to promote writing and usage of research in the insurance industry, conducts a number of research programmes including, but not limited to research writing and publishing. This is for both academic purposes and market research for product development. Research for academic purposes is majorly to provide new knowledge that improves the institute’s programs. The market research undertaken is for use by members in decision making through timely research-based contribution to policy processes in such areas like product improvement and development. This will encourage policy making in insurance to be better informed using research evidence.

 We aim to do this through;

 (a) Undertaking policy relevant research to a high professional standard

(b) Disseminating the results of that research effectively and

(c) Undertaking capacity building activities through conducting various research trainings.

From time to time, the IIU may issue calls for research proposals in specific areas, and provide specific guidance on how to respond to those calls. However, even if there is no specific call, we are always open to receiving ideas through brief research proposals, from our members. 


  1. To undertake research for use by members, policy analysts and policy makers
  2. To build a credible local capacity for policy-oriented research in the insurance industry.
  3. To promote links between research and policy in the insurance industry.
  4. To encourage research writing and publication by members.




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