ITC, CII unveil dual membership programme for Ugandan insurance market

ITC, CII unveil dual membership programme for Ugandan insurance market

On March 18th, 2020, the Insurance Training College (ITC) and the Chartered Insurance Institute – UK (CII) launched the Dual membership programme that gives members an opportunity to become members of both institutions. This initiative represents the CII’s first dual membership proposition in Africa with the goal of building public trust in the insurance profession through engaged membership, relevant learning and insightful leadership.

In developing this programme, ITC and CII agreed on a common objective to provide insurance professionals with a powerful combination of services, through pooling the expertise and resources of two leading organizations with complementary capabilities.

It should be noted that insurance plays a vital role in Uganda’s strong economic and social development registering a 48 percent growth in non-life premiums and 193percent growth in life premiums since 2014. It is upon such record growth that developments like the ITC-CII Dual membership seek to further consolidate to realize a more progressive and professional insurance sector in Uganda and the African region at large.

This according to Laurence Smith, the CII Regional Director for Africa is an initiative in the right direction for emerging markets in Africa.

“Throughout Africa we are seeing a generation of young people who are eager to learn and ambitious for the future and that explains our move to embrace the dual membership programme”, said Smith also adding,

“We aim to provide additional value to members in our emerging international insurance and personal finance profession”.

Highlighting on the programme’s bearing on Uganda’s insurance sector performance, Saul Sseremba, the Chief Executive Officer and Principal of ITC recognizes the increasing movement towards professionalization and standardization as key lessons for Africa’s insurance sector. This according to Sseremba is a signal that Africa has not been an exception since the insurance sector worldwide continues to evolve greatly over time with the adoption of digitization.

Sseremba said, “The insurance sector has continued to embrace training and professionalism as an avenue to create an industry that maximizes learning and also bolsters achievement”.

With this ITC-CII Dual Membership Programme, members of ITC will enjoy benefits including: access to all the benefits of CII membership: Internationally recognized designations, access to knowledge and thought leadership, e-mentoring, the Journal, CPD services, discounted rates on ITC trainings and other activities, the ITC annual international conference, publications, newsletters and much more.

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