Public Relations

In the year 2016, the Institute established a public relations department to provide support in the promotion of its activities within and outside the industry and its managed by the Public Relations Officer. The department has undertaken Communication and Public Relations activities to Position it’s self as an internationally acknowledged expert in Insurance professionalism and be able to communicate and influence key stakeholders as well as inspiring them to contribute to our mission.

Goals of the Department:

  1. Strengthen IIU brand as a trustworthy institution providing insurance training.
  2. Support the Institute with the development and execution of Advocacy, marketing, corporate communications and Public Relations activities.
  3. To increase engagement with our constituency through online and offline channels using participatory and creative methods so as to create mutual understandings between College and its Publics.
  4. To increase visibility and public education through engagement and participation in outreach activities.
  5. To monitor reputation and image by regularly measuring name recognition, knowledge about services, attitudes towards the Institute, intention to support the institute and recognition of IIU core values

The department has been able to achieve the following:

  1. Media relations and Publicity: The department organized a media breakfast event for the media persons on December 05, 2016 at IIU offices. This was organized to create mutual and beneficial relations between IIU and the different media houses. The event was attended by 45 persons from 20 media houses. This engagement improved Iiu relations with the media with the aim of enhancing the Institute’s media coverage and reporting.
  2. Exhibitions, Fairs and Bonanzas: The Institute has participated in a number of exhibitions including the Banking, finance and Insurance expo, MUBS job and career guidance Fair, ICPAU annual seminar, Buganda Kingdom career expo and UMA among others. Through these events, IIU has managed to promote its services to the general public and this is exhibited in the increasing number of clients and contacts made.
  3. Publications: The Institute started publishing a news bulletin which has informative articles that highlight the events/news within and outside the industry. The primary objective of the Bulletin is to encourage members bring about positive change in the Insurance industry through contributing to current debates in the sector and also provide members and students with an international forum for cooperation, exchanges of ideas and as an ongoing resource bank with other institutions worldwide. The first edition was launched by the Minister of Finance, planning and economic development  Hon. Matia Kasaija
  4. Information, Education and communication materials: The institute also produced over 6000 materials. For distribution. The objective of the materials is to inform and educate the public about the institute programs and activities. These included, flyers, brochures, and branded notebooks, branded pens, tear drop banners, and pull up banners. These are distributed on corporate events, exhibitions, students and functions.

Staff Members

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Contact Details

Contact Person: Agnes Eriosi Nantaba (Public Relations Officer)

Tel: 0417333500