8th Graduation: Best Insurance Students awarded
By Benon Sengendo, Senior Marketing & PR Officer, Insurance Training College

8th Graduation: Best Insurance Students awarded

The Insurance Training College (ITC) recently celebrated its 8th graduation ceremony at Hotel Africana from 8 am to 12 pm. This momentous occasion marked the successful completion of training for 720 graduates. Hon. Ramathan Ggoobi, the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance, was the Guest of Honour for the event. 

Since 2015, the ITC has significantly shaped the insurance industry by producing over 6000 skilled and competent professionals. The college has been instrumental in equipping graduates with the necessary knowledge and expertise to excel in the insurance business. 

During the graduation ceremony, 499 graduates received the Certificate of Proficiency in Insurance, 170 were awarded the Certificate in Insurance, and 51 individuals were recognized with the Diploma in Insurance. It was a proud moment for both the graduates and the college as they celebrated the achievements of these dedicated individuals. 

In a remarkable turn of events, the graduation ceremony witnessed the first cohort of students graduating with an Award in Agriculture Insurance. This demonstrates the diversification of insurance specialties and the college's commitment to addressing the demands of the ever-evolving industry. 

Saul Sseremba, the Principal of the Insurance Training College, delivered an inspiring speech to the graduates, urging them to utilize their acquired skills effectively. He emphasized the importance of having a tangible impact at the workplace because of the acquired knowledge. 
"It is one thing graduating, and it is another transforming the sector where you work," said Sseremba. "Therefore, go and be good ambassadors of the ITC. Wherever you go, people should see ITC shining. It is only through professionalism that we can build trust with our clients and expect to come up with innovations that will grow this industry." 

In his address to the graduates, Honourable Ramadhan Ggoobi articulated the value of insurance to the Ugandan economy, and how every professional ought to play their part for sustainable growth. He also applauded ITC for the efforts to improve the perception of insurance through professionalism, and IRA for spearheading the growth of the sector. 

As is the custom at every ITC graduation, the college recognized the best students among the graduating batch. These were Njenga Michael was the best performer in the Diploma in Insurance, Bwiiso Samuel was the best performer in the Certificate in Insurance, Ogaba Stephen was the best performer in the Certificate of Proficiency and Sseguya Kenneth was the best performer in the Trustee Training & Certificate program. 

Every graduate is a testimony of a fulfilled mandate – “to deliver highly competent human capital for the insurance sector in Uganda” The college expresses gratitude to every individual and corporate partner who makes this journey possible. We recognize the influence of senior company executives, HR teams, company coordinators, and facilitators, staff of ITC, and the students. We wish every graduate the best in their future endeavours 

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By Benon Sengendo, Senior Marketing & PR Officer, Insurance Training College