Gulu University: 5th ITC university insurance club launched.

Gulu University: 5th ITC university insurance club launched.

On 4th April 2023, Gulu University in Northern Uganda became the newest addition to a string of university insurance clubs established by the Insurance Training College (ITC). The club aims to provide students with a platform to learn about insurance, its importance, and the career opportunities the industry provides.
The college management team attended the launch, including representatives from insurance companies and student leaders. Speaking on behalf of the Dean, of the Faculty of Business, Mr Omara Moses, the University Legal Officer emphasized the importance of understanding insurance among students.

The club is expected to attract a wide range of students, including those studying finance, business, agriculture, economics, and sciences. Club members will have access to training sessions, workshops, and seminars on insurance-related topics and the opportunity to participate in competitions and webinars organised by ITC. 

The launch of the insurance club has been met with enthusiasm from students and faculty alike. "This is a great initiative that will help students gain practical knowledge and understanding about insurance and its role in our society," said Ojok Morrish, a student at the university, and President of the Gulu University insurance club. 

The insurance industry is becoming increasingly important in Uganda, with the sector experiencing significant growth in recent years. However, there is still a lack of awareness about the importance of insurance among the general population. By launching an insurance club at the university, ITC hopes to contribute to the development of a more informed society.

The insurance club has already started planning its activities for the coming year. One of its main objectives is to organize a conference on insurance, which will bring together insurance professionals, academics, and students to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

In addition, the club will be partnering with insurance companies to provide internships and job opportunities for its members. This will enable students to gain experience in the industry and prepare them for a career in insurance.
The launch of this insurance club is a significant milestone for ITC and the insurance industry in Uganda because we now have a presence in the 3 regions of Uganda. 

Insurance clubs are expected to play a crucial role in promoting the growth of the insurance industry in Uganda. By nurturing individuals at such an early stage, the club will contribute to the development of a more informed and passionate workforce, which will benefit the industry.

My Journey at the Insurance Training College
By Njenga Michael