My Journey at the Insurance Training College
By Njenga Michael

By Njenga Michael

As an employee at the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA), I was steeped in the regulatory frameworks that govern our vibrant insurance sector. But when the opportunity arose to deepen my understanding and enhance my hands-on skills with a Diploma in Insurance at the Insurance Training College (ITC), I knew it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Little did I realize, at the outset, how profoundly this choice would impact my career trajectory and solidify my standing as a top-performing student in my cohort.

The push for professional development within the IRA was not simply a managerial mandate; it was a visionary move to ensure that staff like myself are not only well-versed in policy but also adept in the practicalities of insurance operations. With this goal in mind, I embarked on an educational journey that promised to bridge the gap between regulatory theory and industry practice.

The curriculum at ITC was a treasure of knowledge, each module intricately tailored to the intricacies of the insurance world. Courses in Insurance Law and Finance laid the foundation, while classes in General Insurance Underwriting, Risk Management, Bancassurance, and Claims Management built a robust structure of expertise atop it. The faculty's excellence shone through in their teaching, making complex concepts accessible and engaging.

My commitment to success was unwavering. I made it a point to attend every class, recognizing that consistent engagement was the key to mastering the material. Outside the virtual classroom, I diligently reviewed my notes, ensuring that each lesson was thoroughly understood and retained. This discipline around my studies was a critical factor in my academic achievements.

The program's online delivery was a godsend for a professional juggling a demanding job and personal life. Classes were scheduled post-work, offering the flexibility necessary to maintain my responsibilities while pursuing higher education. The forward-thinking approach of the ITC to accommodate busy professionals like myself was truly commendable.

My background as a lawyer in insurance regulation and complaints management asproved to be an asset, providing a context for the new concepts I was learning. It reinforced a belief that has become a cornerstone of my professional philosophy: the importance of studying and excelling in the field you practice. This alignment of my education with my career path enriched my learning experience, making my time at the ITC exceptionally fruitful.

As I reflect on my time at the Insurance Training College of Uganda, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. The expertise I've acquired has not only bolstered my confidence but has equipped me with a comprehensive toolkit to navigate and contribute to the insurance industry with newfound proficiency. My journey from a regulatory professional to the best-performing student of the Diploma in Insurance is a testament to the transformative power of targeted education, and I am eager to apply this knowledge to the betterment of our sector.

My story stands as evidence of the benefits that await at ITC. It has been a pivotal chapter in my professional story, and I am excited to step forward into a future bright with possibilities. 

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